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People we need to stop the torture of women in extreme porn

November 15, 2009

I am writing to express my outrage. Recently a good friend of mine broke down and confessed to me the torture she experienced at the hands of Randy Price of Sweet Entertainment and Diverse Talent in Vancouver BC. Simply put, she was cooerced and coned and tricked into signing a consent form BEFORE the torture. Why not sign a consent form before AND after if their practices are little more than “theatrics” as claimed by the defense lawyer Kent Snowsell (appropriate last name for this sell job The Honourable Judge R.R. Low obviously received).  Sadly my friend just heard about this court case that took place in 2002. My friends ordeal is still going on today. The pain of humiliation and degradation she sufferred at the hands of four men. Randy Price, Stephen Lyons, Reyfenel Damasco (Ray Ray) and Geoff Baker (aka Tom Sweet) lied and deceived and commited acts of torture on a young, barely legal lady.

How dare the “Honourable Justice” R. R. Low claim that the violence and humiliation suffered by these women at the hands of these four men be deemed “tolerant”.

I urge you all to read the following and discover how this company and one “Honourable Justicce” R.R. Low want to change the standards of Canadian (how about human being) standards of decency.

In this article you will read about this company Sweet Entertainment Group headed by Randy Price dehumanizing and torturing women. They will claim its within the standards of BDSM play but I beg to differ. My friend was pushed into cooperating or else. How confident would you feel thinking you were signing up for something “normal” and being NAKED in a room with 4 adult men. Where can you hide your bear spray to prevent attack…or hide a key to jab someone with in self defence. I don’t know about the rest of you…but if I were standing naked in a room with 4 men…I wouldn’t have much ability to object either.

This case was a new benchmark in obsence. We must express our outrage…how dare these people judge what is decent by COMPARING IT TO HOLLYWOOD MOVIES LIKE AMERICAN PSYCHO ETC.  Newsflash for you “Honourable Justice” R.R.Low…HOLLYWOOD IS MAKE BELIEVE! When people are electrocuted, poked, prodded, pee’d on and in, beaten and whipped….THE MOANS AND CRYING AND PAIN IS REAL. I wonder if the “Honourable Justice” R. R. Low would  take offence if I shot someone….that happens in Hollywood  TOO. If I was holding a cam corder and had my murder victim “sign” a waiver prior to my shooting them…would I too be able to change the standards of decency and set a new precedent.